Lyme and a Coconut

chronic lyme disease with a taste of nut

Lisa, etc…

This page is for all things Lisa related and unrelated to Lyme. There is a lot about me besides illness, though I don’t feel that way a lot of the time.

I am a published author with two books of poetry. I am a stepmother of three and wife to an amazing man. I have a beautiful, tortoise-shell main coon 15-old-cat who is the best pain relief ever.

I sing, write, read, love books, and am a coffeehouse snob – not because of coffee but because of ambiance.

My author web site can be viewed at

Author Web Site

Facebook Author Page

My faith blog (a bit outdated) can be found at:

The Dove Chronicles

Huzzah for social media!

I used to stutter but somehow wound up in musical theatre and any kind of performing. I often wear black copper gloves that make me look like Michael Jackson and I love gluten-full food way too much for my own good. I’ve had my first cat live until she was 19 and my second cat is now 17 so I must be doing something right. I have no right big toe nail. Those are my stats and I’m stickin to them. I’m also a “ham” if allowed to be. Otherwise, I’m a pretty shy gal.


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