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When You Change from Lowercase to Upper

I started out writing about my journey to an LLMD. That was certainly noteworthy. Especially the appointments. The antibiotics regimen. The herxheimer reactions. Learning new information about detoxing and how my symptoms traveled from this body part to that body part and finally settled in my brain, resulting in a horrendous downpour of weird seizures and central nervous system wonky things. Very medical, I know.

Tried different diets, tried tinctures, more detoxing. Then came Bee Venom Therapy. I thought I had found what would finally work. I had since learned the word “cure” just didn’t exist when it came to chronic lyme disease, but I believed a healing could happen. The bees were so natural. A weird choice, but natural.


one of many bee venom therapy treatments

I did 15 and a half, almost 16 months on BVT. In all transparency, one is supposed to do BVT for a good two to three years in order to see true improvements. But after a long while, my husband and I decided we were only seeing deterioration and not nearly enough of an improvement. We understood that this was not a sprint, but a marathon and that one could get better with consistent stinging over a longer period of time, but my neurological symptoms kept getting worse and worse until one day in late April, I believe, something severe happened psychologically and neurologically and we realized we needed to go further with treatment. The bees weren’t cutting it.

I will pause and say I 100% believe Bee Venom Therapy can and have brought many lyme sufferers into happy remission. I am not debunking BVT in the least. Again, I am no doctor and am not here to relay medical advice or direction, but merely to tell my own story. So bare that in mind.


many thanks 

During my BVT treatment, there were days where I saw a bit of light. However, seizures, hallucinations, and unbearable pain always caught up with me and seemed to wallop me harder with each month. Thus, I neglected my blog due to being in such a massive brain fog, crippling depression, and body-curling pain. And honestly? If I did have a good day, I did not really want to spend it on the computer writing on my lyme blog. I wanted to be with my family trying to live normally, or as much as I could.

So my poor little lymeandacoconut land became very desert-like and barren, indeed.

I needed a subject matter, one I could write about. I knew if I came on here, I’d either blubber my pain out in annoying self-pitying blubbery bubbles that would make your computer shut down or I would utilize sarcasm as my weapon of choice and utterly confuse you as to my state of being. So I guess I chose to be quiet. Besides, aren’t there a number of other fab blogs out there doing a much better job than I?  (Ahem, T….)

And then I remembered what my real-life-author-self says about how everyone has a story and each story is necessary and important (and blahhhh blahhhh blahhh, says my sick self).

Well, I’m ready to tell sick self to go shove it. Because Healthy Self is capitalized and sick self is lowercased and I’m ready to alter my story.

With the help of my husband (physical, emotional and spiritual help) and the help of God, and the help of friends and family (maybe even you?) I am going to pursue a new treatment come August (ohmygoshhhhh two months and four days!!!) and I will do a proper unveiling soon.

Really, this post was just to get you curious enough to follow the blog. Always about the numbers, right? a

(note to reader: the use of sarcasm is permissible in times of 1. distress 2. panic 3. hesitant excitement and 4. desperation)

Stay tuned!

Oh, wait! Before you go– on Tuesday, June 13th, I will be on the podcast, “Voice of Reason and Judgement” (that’s the YouTube link, but they are available on iTunes as well) about my writing but also living with a chronic illness. Check it out – 2:00pm EST!!!)

Keep staying tuned!


onward and forward!


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