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Just Doing It


when I thought no options were left God showed me a way


my eldest entranced by the bees.


I admit it; I’ve avoided writing. Treatments came and went. I got better then sicker then sicker still. Personal problems rattled my and my family’s world and suddenly I didn’t know what to say anymore.

It hurt my eyes and brain too much to sit before a laptop or desktop computer and write out the latest blog entry on whatever symptom of the week I was enduring. People grew tired of Sick Me. I grew tired of Sick Me.

I wanted to write poetry and magnificently creative things having nothing to do with illness. So I avoided this blog. I apologize. Sometimes even advocates want to hide from the very thing they are advocating.

But behold – I bring you good news! Sort of.

That whole bee venom therapy thing I mentioned a while back? I’m doing it! I’m about a month into it and though I’m going through some crazy herxing, I feel confident, FINALLY, about this mode of treatment. It has its controversies and share of eyebrow raising, but my loved ones have been nothing short of supportive even if they don’t understand completely. That is love, folks.

I will share some good links about BVT to help you grasp what this is, but I will warn you right now – there isn’t a lot of proof. You “proof people” will be disappointed.

But you “believe by faith not by sight people” might find it easy to understand how God’s own creation, the honeybee, has a particular property in the venom that is extremely healing for every ailment. Even those without Lyme can do this.

“You want me to sting myself with bees?” You ask incredulously.

Well, no. It’s a personal choice. Just like taking long term antibiotics is. Or choosing the herbal tincture route. Or taking injections for diabetes, thyroid meds, or medication for ALS or MS. BVT can be beneficial for all those things and more: Arthritis, pulled muscles, neuropathy, you name it.

Remember: I am no doctor and my blog content is not a substitute for medical advice. Consult a trusted medical advisor.

For myself, I feel a great peace about this long road I’ve chosen. It’s a 2-3 year commitment. Some go longer. Some shorter. But I’m in it for keeps.

In a future blog post (soon, scout’s honor), I will explain what BVT is and share my daily protocols. I will share what it’s like to intentionally get stung by a creature I’ve feared my whole life and how I’m making friends with these miracle-carrying buzz machines.

Until next time.

— lymie out…


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