Lyme and a Coconut

chronic lyme disease with a taste of nut

Bee Venom WHAT?

My dear friend is starting an exciting alternative treatment for her chronic Lyme disease. Won’t you follow her blog and support her as she begins this next step in healing?


I started this blog to document my journey with bee venom therapy (BVT) so that those interested can follow along, and also so that I can look back on how far I’ve come. Sometimes it’s hard to notice the differences in symptoms unless you see it in writing. They all blur together after a while. I am not beginning BVT until after Thanksgiving, but I wanted to get an initial baseline post out here, and explain some of the basics of BVT and why I’m choosing this path.

I’ve been in intense treatment for late stage (chronic) Lyme Disease and co infections for over 2 1/2 years now. My treatment has included oral antibiotics, 19 months of daily IV antibiotics, herbal treatments and countless supplements. I have made progress in small areas, but never anything of significance, and I always end up sliding back to square one it seems. I’m going…

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