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chronic lyme disease with a taste of nut

“Difficulty Existing”…

Having a “difficulty existing” kind of day and Tara, from “Will There Be Cake,” nails it. Grateful for others who have words when you don’t…

Will There be Cake?

Difficulty existing. 

This is one of the “symptoms” I recorded sometime in September 2013 in the logbook of my medical symptoms that I experienced each day. I did this in desperate hopes of eventually finding a doctor who would read them and be able to tell me what was wrong with me. I did this because so far none of them believed me to be suffering anything other than a “general anxiety disorder”. Okay, fine. I will tell all you doctors what was causing me anxiety… the incompetence of all YOU!  I look back at the symptom recording of the early months of my illness and I become saddened and overwhelmed at what I experienced. It is all a blur to me now. It is as if I am viewing the records of someone else, and I ache for that person.

“Profound weakness. Surges in my head that repeatedly pound me…

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