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Revival House

(this blog entry was written in chunks due to being severely sick over the weekend after the appointment. Thank you for grace.)

I had my second LLMD appointment yesterday and things are really beginning to roll along. Before I get to that, however, I’d like to mention some blessed R&R I received.

My LLMD recommended I get away from home stress (believe me, this was for the benefit of my family as much as it was for me). God really opened up a lot of doors for me. Through a friend, I found a wonderful woman who was going out of town for the month of July and was generous enough to open up her home to me. She lived in the cutest little house on the east side of Madison. I had thrift stores and libraries and Walgreens all within walking distance (I didn’t walk, of course, I’m not to that point yet, but hopefully soon!). So July 2nd I ventured to Madison and “moved in” to my retreat house. I decided to give it a name:

Revival House

because I’d be renewing my body and my spirit, hopefully.

My time there was blessed, indeed. I immediately found a wonderful church to visit and met one woman, in particular, who is now a dear, kindred friend and faith mentor. We visited a few times. Having her there, especially during the hard, sickest times, was a godsend.

I was able to start my strict ketogenic diet while living on my own those 3 weeks. I enjoyed cooking, going to the local organic markets and taking my time. I enjoyed the little pleasures: the recliner with the back support where I sat and read/wrote

in easy chair picmonkey

when did recliners seemingly go out of style? Bring them back!

Or the lamp beside that chair, made of lace


cozy lights!

I had a very pink upstairs bedroom (an attic converted into a bedroom and a half bath). It was delightfully different and a great place to dream away.

WP_20150702_014 WP_20150702_013

blurry in bed picmonkey

Ok, I wasn’t dreaming away; I was very sick when this was taken

The backyard was a botanical garden in its own right – full of flowers and herbs. So beautiful. The wide open kitchen had a huge picture window that faced the yard so the sun streamed in every morning.


I loved cooking in that kitchen – I had the time to go slowly and I had the quiet to do whatever I liked. I could try new, weird recipes that the family would normally think gross. I tried sardines for the first time (nutritionist recommended)!!


I discovered some amazing tea – thank you Sherry for introducing me to Tulsi Holy Basil tea!


loving my corningware mini teapot I got from the thrift store

I took my epsom salt baths faithfully and her bath tub fit me perfectly. I used my dry brush before to exfoliate and help further detoxify. My baths were pure heaven (except when I made it too hot and was experiencing die-off symptoms afterward, which means I felt  a LOT sicker).

WP_20150716_034 WP_20150716_032 WP_20150716_031

During my time away I was able to start and maintain my ketogenic diet as well as begin the supplements my Dr W. had given me. Toward the last week of my stay, I experienced die-off symptoms, otherwise known as a Herxheimer reaction. I’ve explained that definition before, but if you need a refresher you can see it in Wikipedia here. 


can we say overkill? Well, if we’re talking about killing those spirochetes, then bring it on!

The symptoms were pretty overwhelming, so much that the on-call nurse wanted me to go to the emergency room for fear of diverticulitis or an appendicitis. I visited my primary doctor the following day and my blood labs were all normal, showing no inflammation at that time. I continued to have pain and symptoms at the house and after some research and an email from Dr. W confirming my new hypothesis, I saw I was herxing.

foot of bed picmonkey

my view from the sickbed

I came home on July 21st to a very excited family. My husband was understandably nervous because while out together at a restaurant, he had seen firsthand some troubling symptoms of Bartonella and he was concerned how I would manifest those symptoms at home.

The first day or so back at home were great. It was wonderful to see my kids again, so great to be with my husband.

July 23rd I had my second LLMD appointment and that day would begin a whole new leg of this journey. I will talk about that in the next blog entry.

In the meantime, I thank God for opening the doors to finding Revival House. While there, I gained peace, rest, a new friend, a wonderful church to visit, friends of my new friend, a new mission to love, and so much more (and brought home far too many 99 cent poetry books from St. Vinney’s!)

Natalie Goldberg’s newest book!

looking at Room shelf

a rare day out to downtown’s favorite bookstore

ML at Room

One of these books is not like the other….. (hint: one is mine. Actually, two titles are mine, but the one title has no spine so you can’t read the title or author)

The day I left the little bungalow house, I felt very sad. I had established an identity there – or rather remembered an identity there. I remembered who I was on my own – how I love to be creative and in solitude. I made new friends and I discovered how much braver I’ve become, socially speaking. I stepped into whatever “next step” God had for me and I tell you – even though obedience to God is hard sometimes,  it is wonderfully fulfilling. I might not have been “revived” in body as we had hoped, but I was certainly revived in spirit. And that counts for a lot, in my book.

I pray I can hold onto that now because I am onto the next stage of my treatment which will test every bit of faith I have.

Next up…the LLMD appointment…

— lymie out…


One comment on “Revival House

  1. MaryJo
    July 27, 2015

    What a testimony Lisa. You opened yourself up to whatever God had in mind for you, trusted, which is huge, and although you had and will probably continue to have some rough times, you are on the road to healing.
    I offer gratitude and send love.


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