Lyme and a Coconut

chronic lyme disease with a taste of nut

Shaken and Stirred

I’ve acquired an infection that has nothing to do with Lyme, exactly, but more to do with an immune-compromised system and an overabundance of yeast, which is typical for those with Hypothyroid and those with Lyme. I’m on antibiotics for this infection (a typical one, seen often in a general MD”s office), however the antibiotics had a very bad reaction, causing extreme depression and rage. Doctors think that psychological side effects from antibiotic use is rare and odd. When I cited behavioral effects from a similar antibiotics last year, my doctor said that was “highly unlikely.”

Which was coded: “you’re fine.”

Well it seems that I had the same reaction to another antibiotic of a similar kind. It was one of the darkest evenings of my life, trying to fight through that. But I prayed, praised, and got through it with the presence of the Lord.

Yesterday I attended a Lyme Support group in my area and they had a guest speaker talking about hormones. I felt pretty uncomfortable being there, especially since I was having all kinds of weird neurological and psych symptoms, like feeling “out of it” and paranoid and emotionally fragile as well as highly irritable. I found it very hard to keep my attention and sit still for two hours. There was a lot of good information and people shared their own thoughts about different treatments. I found myself becoming very overwhelmed, thinking I had to do something now because things are quickly worsening in the neurological area. But feeling frozen in knowing what to do first.

Thankfully, the leader of the group, “A,” mentioned she had Baronella and was treated by my future LLMD for Lyme for the past 3 years. I talked with her afterward, had a good cry with this woman who had suddenly become the only link to anything knowledgeable about what I was going through. She definitely understood. She gave me many good neurological Lyme resources, some of which I will post here.

Other symptoms that have been creeping slowly onto the scene, even without me knowing it until they increase, are the following:


twitching (see video posted below)

extreme light, noise, and crowd sensitivity

heightened depression, anxiety, and anger

cold intolerance

numbness in fingers

inability to keep my attention on one thing too long – this one was noticed in late April because when I was scoring the standardized tests from home I noticed I was frequently opening up a new window on my browser to just do something else. Every two minutes or so. I couldn’t focus on the essays without taking frequent breaks. I’ve never had problems with my attention span before now.

forgetting common things


I wish to include the following link about neurological lyme, mental health, and cognitive impairments:

I risk upsetting people by recording myself with this new twitching symptom. Some think I share too much, but that’s ok. I share what I do because I know from experience that there are people out there who benefit from hearing others’ stories. And even before lyme came along, I felt passionate about being open about my stories so that they might help others.

To view the latest twitching and what I have to say about it – and about God – view the video on YouTube here:

A huge blessing last night was talking to a new friend who has chronic Lyme and has had it since childhood. She is a strong believer in Christ and she and I had an awesome phone discussion and prayer time last night – so amazing. So though I twitch and though I hurt, though I may stumble and fall into the fear pit, I am still praising God who does all things for His Good (which is our good, though “good” may be defined differently), who can turn ashes to beauty, who can turn the most broken of things into His instruments of love and peace.

— Lymie out…


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